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INTERNATIONAL BEAUTY MART 2014, 14-16 styczeń 2014


Beauty is said to lie in the eyes of the beholder, but to enhance and increase its appeal, people are constantly looking for new and more advanced means and products.

In India too, the Increased product awareness and Beauty consciousness is driving the Beauty business to an unprecedented boom. Along with this, the emergence of the young urban elite population with increasing disposable income and an appetite for experimentation with the new trends is also giving a big boost to this industry. Another contributing factor is the increase in the number of working women, who have the need to be well groomed at all times.

Beauty is no longer the prerogative of the women. Consumption by men accounts for about 32% of the total Market or USD 28.5 Billion in the world. Beauty is high on priority today for everyone. The grooming standards are becoming universal and consumers are becoming more discerning and have access to international fashion trends and brands. In terms of growth opportunities, beauty products are finding acceptance and reach not only in large Metro towns but in all corners of the Country. Take the example of the Spa industry. Over the last five years, it has shown tremendous growth, not only in the number of Spas, but also in the diversity of Spas and products available. It is no longer the preserve of the elite.

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